FitBark has been adopted by over 100 research institutions and vet schools in all continents to validate new drugs, products, surgeries and treatments related to mobility, anxious behaviors and skin conditions. Common applications include osteoarthritis, nutrition, weight management, pain management, ACL and other orthopedic surgeries, rehabilitation, sleep disorders, skin disorders, circadian rhythmicity etc.

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Most of validation studies for new canine treatment plans do not include accelerometer-based measurements. Rather, they are historically based on subjective (rather than objective) activity metrics, or otherwise on lab-based activity measurement (rather than in free-living conditions). For example, a new stem cell orthopedic treatment might include a survey where a dog owner is asked “from a scale of 1 to 5, how did the activity of your pet change 1, 4 or 8 weeks after starting the treatment”? The main reason why we do things this way is that accelerometer-based studies have been expensive and difficult to manage. Here’s how our cloud-based platform compares with state-of-the-art technology.

Activity monitors designed for humans Designed natively for dogs of any size
Cost of each activity monitor (100’s of $) << $69.95 Activity monitor
Cost of desktop-based software (1,000’s of $) Free mobile app, web dashboard?& Data storage
Costs associated with?device inventory mgmt Device may be?drop shipped and gifted to dog owner
Cost to setup the device User sets up the device independently
Cost to create a study-specific control group Might not be necessary if similar dogs exist
No data visibility during data collection process Data is remotely pushed online in real time
Data consolidation across study locations Data is immediately consolidated online
Potential loss of data offline Amazon Web Services (AWS) 24/7 backup
Data export for advanced analysis Cloud API, .csv export
Data integration with 3rd party software Cloud API feeds directly 3rd-party apps

Meet some of the leaders who shaped our vision

I think the activity devices like FitBark are going to be incredibly important for pet owners on a number of levels to ensure that their pets get adequate exercise and that they themselves are, too.

Rebecca Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP
Director of Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction / University of Missouri

FitBark is part of an exciting new force in science, the generation of big datasets that can take us closer to the truth about the relationship between health and lifestyle.? FitBark can be used to monitor trends in the daily behaviour of pet dogs, and potentially, to detect disease and... Read More

FitBark is part of an exciting new force in science, the generation of big datasets that can take us closer to the truth about the relationship between health and lifestyle.? FitBark can be used to monitor trends in the daily behaviour of pet dogs, and potentially, to detect disease and changes in well-being at a very early stage.

Dr. Cathy Wyse
Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow, Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine / University of Glasgow

Leveraging the dog-owner relationship with a focus on monitoring the pet's physical activity is highly innovative. Platforms like FitBark have the potential to get both pets and people moving together and improve health outcomes for all.

Brian C. Clark, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Ohio Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute / Ohio University

FitBark is not only an?exceptionally powerful tool for researchers and veterinarians. It's also?designed and priced so?all dog owners have access to clear answers about the health of their pets.

Wayne Carter, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

We have been using FitBark to to manage dogs with generalized anxiety along with a nutraceutical diet (Forza10 Behavioral?or?Armonia) and a correct therapy. We are delighted with the quality of FitBark's?data and?how easy it is to access the information we need to run our studies.

Prof. Raffaella Cocco, Dr. Sara Sechi, Dr. Alessandro Di Cerbo
Department of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology and Veterinary Clinic Section / University of Sassari

FitBark has been a great company to collaborate with on our FDA-registered INAD research trial on dogs with chronic allergic dermatitis. They assisted us with data analysis and worked with the dog owners to ensure that our data collection went smoothly. What a great team! Thank you, FitBark!

Mark L. Weiss, PhD
Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine / Kansas State University

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